Omega specialty lubricants are probably the finest line of Quality Oils, Greases and Additives in the world.
Omega specialty lubricants are generally made from premium and limited source Paraffinic-type base oils because of their naturally higher viscosity index, stability and purity. Besides, Omega specialty lubricants contain scientifically-developed exclusive supplements called - "Megalites". 
These supplements are a technologically-advanced family of exclusive and unique agents designed to provide maximum protection for costly machinery, vehicles & plant equipment. 
Omega supplies Total Concept Lubricants engineered and developed with the single aim of enabling machinery to perform more efficiently, with less wear and extended service life.

Omega Specialty Lubricants are made from premium and limited source Paraffinic-type base oils because of their:

  • Higher Viscosity Index
  • Stability and Purity

Omega customers are guaranteed with an unprecedented £ 1’OOO’OOO Product Liability Insurance against material or manufacturing defects.

Omega’s Health Guarantee - Omega certifies that none of the products are having “cancer-causing” substances (carcinogens).

Cost Savings - the savings possible with Omega lubricants are about 100 times the cost of lubrication.

Based on the statistics collected over many years by the
Omega researchers have found;

G.M.C. = 5% to 10% of the T.O.C. M.L.C. = 2.5% of G.M.C  Or  M.L.C. = 0.125% to 0.25% of T.O.C

G.M.C. - General Maintenance Cost
T.O.C - Total Operational Cost
M.L.C. - Maintenance Lubrication Cost


We have the expertise and experience in servicing and providing premium quality products to satisfy the most stringent demands of Today’s Maintenance & Plant Engineers.

Our technologically-advanced product ranges will provide:

  • Reduced Downtime
  • Higher Productivity
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Extended Assets Life

Microphotograph of metal surface lubricated with ordinary oil   Microphotograph of the same metal surface lubricated with OMEGA oil containing Megalites


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