RustStop Outdoor is a solvent cutback, non-staining barium free, water-displacing rust preventive that is specially formulated to provide long term external protection of ferrous, galvanized and non-ferrous metal parts and equipment stored outdoors. The heavy-duty protective residual soft rubbery film that is formed after evaporation of the solvent is highly resistant to high humidity, acidic and salt containing atmospheres, thus making the RustStop Outdoor particularly useful in long-term outdoor storage applications.   

RustStop Outdoor can be applied to the metal surfaces by roller, brush, spray, or dip type methods.  Once applied, RustStop Outdoor produces rubbery film that has excellent creep penetration. This heavy hard rubbery film which is approximately 1.6 mils in film thickness is highly resistant to moisture, acid fumes, salt spray and high humidity conditions.



 Vanishing Oil is a high performance low-viscosity, fast drying solvent based nonstaining,sulfur and chlorine free.Vanishing lubricant that is designed for use in light-duty stamping, bending,blanking, punching, slitting, pressing and forming applications that require the use of a product that leaves little or no residual film.

Vanishing Oil is specially compounded and formulated to provide the following benefits and features when used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals as  well as most surface oil-based painted, sensitive finished and pre-coated metal stocks:

  1. Fast and rapid drying.
  2. Leaves virtually no residue.
  3. Clean parts – eliminates costly cleaning and disposal operations required when conventional oils are used.
  4. Provides a “thin film” lubrication film that stays put on the part through the stamping operation and then evaporates quickly.
  5. Non-staining.
  6. Excellent cooling and lubricity.
  7. Provides sufficient “bite”.
  8. Prevention of pickup on rolls and dies resulting in a clean die release of thin  sheet or roll stock.
  9. Reduced tool wear and increased tool life.
  10. Improved surface finish.
  11. Non-corrosive to aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous and ferrous metals.
  12. Exceptional corrosion protection.
  13. Easy removal with conventional methods.
  14. Burns clean in annealing ovens.
  15. Low VOC content.
  16. Low Odor.
  17. Reduced contamination of parts cleaning systems.
  18. Low viscosity to minimize carry-off on parts.