Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants — U.S.A.

Schaeffer manufacturing company is one of the oldest lubricant manufacturing company in North America founded in 1839.Today Schaeffer is pioneering the concept in lubrication that dramatically reduces the 12 month bottom line operating costs.Schaeffer bottom line cost reduction program focuses on the cost to use lubricant versus cost to buy.
Schaeffer bottom line cost reduction program focuses on the cost to use the lubricant versus the cost to buy it.
Talking about quality, Schaeffer blends its lubricants to meet higher specifications by adding the finest friction modifiers.

Schaeffer provides products and additives that reduce fuel consumption, improve horsepower, improve mileage and horsepower, reduce emissions, clean vital components, reduce mechanical wear and scoring, prevent system failure, reduce energy costs, extend efficiency and performance, and exceed every manufacturers’ specifications bar none. No matter the industry application, Schaeffer products save our customers money increasing their bottom line.


 Schaeffer offers specialized lubrication solutions to the following industries:

  • Construction and Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Over-The-Road Trucking
  • Marine
  • Automotive and High Performance Racing. 

     Results from this quality:
    ✔ Energy Savings 4% to 8%
    ✔ Temperature Drop 5 to 20°F
    ✔ Wear Reduction up to 95%

Schaeffer is your single source supplier.

Whether you need a 5 gallon container or a 6000 gallon bulk tank load, Schaeffer can be your single source supplier.We manufacture hundreds of industrial lubricants, fuel additives, and synthetic motor oils to meet the virtually endless individual needs of our customers.

Our products are used by virtually everyone, from large national refineries and trucking companies to local jobbers and individual farmers.